Grant Rounds

Educational Grant for Research in Remote Clinical Monitoring in Parkinson's Disease

PDNMG would like to invite a small scale grant application (up to £30,000) for one year towards a scientifically credible project addressing: "Remote clinical monitoring of Parkinson's disease in the UK". A 2 page application clearly setting out the aims, objectives, methodology with statistical input and logistics of grant use needs to be emailed to PDNMG at [email protected]

Candidates with a track record of remote monitoring related Parkinson's research using clinically validated tools would be preferred.

Deadline is Friday, 1st of November

Applications will be reviewed by a peer review panel and award is likely to be made in November 2013.


Educational Grant for Minority Ethnic Research in Parkinson's

PDNMG is pleased to announce that the grant for researching "Non motor symptoms and its impact in minority ethnic population with Parkinson's living in the UK using a holistic approach" has closed in February 2013. The award went to Dr. Anna Sauerbier, King's College Hospital, National Parkinson's Foundation Centre of Excellence, London to support a project "Ethnicity in PD – impact on non motor symptoms such as vision or pain"


The call for researching "pain in Parkinson's disease" theme has closed in March 2012. A grant based on peer-review was made to Prof K Ray-Chaudhuri at King's College Hospital, PD centre of excellence, London. This project will aim to validate the first scale for pain specific to PD.

PDNMG is also pleased to announce that the following grants have been made available in 2011 to EUROPAR:

  • Support of EUROInf Study (multicentre European study comparing infusion therapies in PD)
  • Administrator post supporting EUROPAR

Current progress:

PDNMG funded NILS study (Non Motor International Leondijudial Study) has been adopted by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) as a national portfolio study and is now up and running in the UK and internationally.

In the UK recruitment numbers are currently over 400.

The project is also complimentary to the Parkinson’s UK funded “ Tracking PD “ (Proband) study led by Dr Donald Grosset from Glasgow.