picture of Prof P Martinez-Martin (Spain)

Prof P Martinez-Martin (Spain)

· MD (1974), Neurologist (1979), and PhD (1988).

· Member of the Consortium for Biomedical Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases (CIBERNED), since 2006

·  Tenured Scientist of the Spanish Public Boards of Research, since 2007.

  • · Previous positions: Head, Section of Neuroepidemiology, National Centre of Epidemiology (2001-07), Head, Dept. of Neurology, Hospital de Getafe (Madrid, 1991-2001); Head, Dept. of Neurology, Hospital Central de la Cruz Roja (Madrid, 1989-91); Head, Section of Clinical Neurology, National Hospital for Infectious Diseases (Madrid, 1982-1988).
  • · Main research lines: Clinical assessment and rating scales (development, validation, application); Patient-reported outcomes, particularly health-related quality of life; Outcomes research, particularly outcomes interpretation; Neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases; Dementia and transmissible neurological diseases; Prion diseases.
  • Awards: 14 Awards for scientific activities in Neurosciences and Ageing
  • · Scientific and academic activities:
  • o 275 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • Editor or co-editor of 17 books or monographs
  • Author of 85 book chapters
  • 347 reports to congresses, symposia, and scientific meetings
  • 164 talks in congresses, symposia, and scientific meetings
  • 155 lectures for CME and other teaching events
  • 54 scientific and teaching events as convenor or chair
  • · Membership.

- Member of several Study Groups of the Spanish Society of Neurology and international collaborations. Member of the Scientific Committee for the Congress of the Movement Disorder Society and of the Steering Committe and Expert Consultant of the MDS Task Force for rating scales for movement disorders, since 2002.

- Vice-Chair of the Non-Motor Group of the Movement Disorder Society, since November 2012.

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