picture of Prof P Odin (Sweden/Germany)

Prof P Odin (Sweden/Germany)

Professor Odin finished medical school at the Uppsala University, Sweden 1982, then presented his PhD thesis at the same university in 1987. He became specialist in Neurology 1993 at the Lund University, Sweden and got his first Professorship at the Medical School Hannover, Germany in 1998. Odin is now head of the department of Neurology at the Central Hospital in Bremerhaven, Germany and at the same time has a Professorship in Neurology at the Lund University, Sweden. Odin has focused his interest on Movement Disorders since 1987 and his main research areas concern continuous dopaminergic stimulation, pump therapies for Parkinson´s disease (PD), non-motor PD symptoms and cell transplantation in PD. Odin is chair of the Swedish Movement Disorders Society, the Scandinavian Movement Disorder Society and board member of Competence Network Parkinson´s disease, Germany.


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