About us

The international Parkinson’s Disease Non Motor group (PDNMG) was set up by K Ray Chaudhuri, P Martinez-Martin, AHV Schapira and a group of dedicated neuroscientists who met and felt that the NMS of PD need recognition, awareness and tools for assessment.

The unique feature of this group is its multidisciplinary origin bringing together neurologists, geriatricians, psychologists, sleep experts, nurse specialists, cognitive experts and last but not least, patient group representatives.

Whilst the PDNMG is a separate independent body and not listed as a charity, it does operate with the support of the Parkinson'sUK, a registered charity, which provides assistance and guidance to the group from time to time. PDNMG is therefore a non profit educational society.

PDNMG is supported by educational grants from several pharmaceutical companies which have made some of the pivotal works from the group possible by helping with academic grants, support towards junior fellows attending meetings as well as support for key opinion leaders.