In 2009, a subgroup of PDNMG, EUROPAR was formed. The groups is led by K Ray Chaudhuri  with founding members being:

K Ray Chaudhuri (UK)

P Martinez-Martin (Spain)

P Odin (Sweden/Germany)

A Antonini (Italy)


Europar is officially affiliated and endorsed by the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA).


The EUROPAR project has been created to research the non-motor symptoms (NMS) of Parkinson’s. The project’s committee, which consists of healthcare professionals, people with Parkinson’s (PwPs) and patient organisation representatives, aims to represent the interests of PwPs throughout Europe by establishing a research centre at King’s College Hospital in London, the UK.

While pockets of expertise in NMS already exist, EUROPAR is the first project of its kind to investigate all the non-movement aspects of Parkinson’s (including diagnosis, symptoms and treatment). It aims to increase understanding of this unmet need and help improve treatments for PwPs. The research centre will work closely with patient groups such as Parkinson’s UK and the EPDA, as well as the World Federation of Neurology’s Parkinson’s division and other leading Parkinson’s research centres in Denmark, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain.

Specifically, EUROPAR will focus on translational ‘bench to bedside’ research (for example, looking at what impact ‘real life’ treatments such as skin patches, injections and blood transfusions may have on the non-movement aspects of Parkinson’s) and the development of better patient and public involvement in the treatment of Parkinson’s so that PwPs can become experts in their condition and learn from each other.

Constituent  members of EUROPAR are:


  • Prof K Ray Chaudhuri

Founding members

  • Prof K Ray-Chaudhuri, UK
  • Prof P Martinez-Martin, Spain
  • Prof A Antonini, Italy
  • Prof P Odin, Germany/ Sweden

Co-ordinator and manager:

  • Ms A Rizos

Core members

  • Prof D Aarsland, Norway (psychiatrist)
  • Dr K Ashkan, UK (neurosurgeon)
  • Prof DJ Brooks, UK (neurologist)
  • Dr C Falup-Pecurariu, Romania (neurologist)
  • Dr T Henriksen, Denmark (neurologist)
  • Prof JJ van Hilten, Netherlands (neurologist)
  • Dr Graeme Macphee, UK (geriatritian)
  • Prof F Stocchi, Italy (neurologist)
  • Ms A Martin, UK (PD nurse specialist)

Patient group

  • People with Parkinson's with an interest in research involvement

  • Carers

  • EPDA representatives: Susanna Lindvall (vice-president) and Lizzie Graham (director of fundraising and global communications)